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Sunday, February 28, 2010

back to the basics

I didn't really have anything to bake in the cake or cupcake department, so I was open to suggestions tonight. Chocolate chip cookies were shot called and I haven't made any in over a month now! That's a really long time for me- I usually keep some readily available at all times.
Here is what I came up with... and had some mishaps along the way-
which NEVER happens. I have this recipe down... but a month really was long enough to get me out of practice. I'll explain below....

I've taken years and countless BAD batches of cookies to come up with this recipe. Over the last 8 months I finally FINALLY got it right. I didn't adhere to ONE major step and that is to refrigerate the dough before scooping it. so the cookies spread way too much while baking (I didn't include a picture of those because it was shameful). I tried to adjust the butter content, then the egg content, then the buttermilk content... sigh, all to no avail. Seriously, it was because I didn't refrigerate the dough! My recipe is pretty secretive at this point so don't even bother asking. All's I'm saying is that there are some pretty strict steps to making this cookie and if you skip out on one or half a** it, they won't turn out the same. Period.