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Thursday, March 11, 2010

...and Happy Baby!

The baby shower mama is having twins- a boy and a girl. So I didn't really have any color constrictions and really the only direction I had was that her favorite cake is Cherry Chip. I already had my lamb ready so I thought the color scheme would be pastels- blue, pink, yellow and green.

I rolled out mint green fondant and covered the 3 layer 6 inch cherry chip cake w/ an amaretto ganache (just the flavoring not the actual alcohol! safe for the mamas).
Then added my little lamb

Then rolled out the individual colors and stamped out the circles and randomly placed them on the cake

And I couldn't resist adding little feet to the cake too! :)

Then I piped the words on top and added a dot border along the bottom

And that's all! I love this cake! now I have to think of another animal or theme for the shower on Monday. I'm be-eeeat... more tomorrow!

Happy feet

My first baby shower goodness... The little lamb I made is still drying but almost ready to be assembled, the cherry chip cake is currently cooling in the freezer so I worked on these cupcakes. I really like making a special individual cake for the person being celebrated and then having cupcakes for everyone else. Plus I had some cupcakes already made that needed to be used. It's just a win-win.

I still wantd to make the cuppies cute and I thought a little token something on top would be ideal.. a flower? But no, I wanted to do something baby related....What do you love about babies? For me, it's their chubbiness.. their fat little hands and rolls on their arms! You could just eat them with a spoon! yes I said it out loud.... But a fat roll on a cupcake wouldn't be that cute. So I thought FEET!
Here is what I did...

Don't know that chocolate frosting was the best backdrop or if the large flower tip was the best idea. BUT, whatever its chocolate and cute together and they will eat it and love it. I hope... Anyhow, now on to the cake

the ol' Maize and Blue.. a fond memory

I never ever was a huge football fan growing up. The fam wasn't into it, my dad not being a sports person. Needless to say when I moved to the Midwest I was in for a surprise... a real nice surprise Clark. My roommate was aghast that I didn't get season tickets for the football games. My response "who goes to football games?"
ha ha HA
fast forward to my first experience walking into the stadium. I know it's going to sound corny but it was a top 10 moment of my life. I will never ever forget walking through the tunnel into the student section. My scope of vision wasn't big enough- I couldn't take it in fast enough (well that and I was trying to obviously look cute/cool to all the other drunk kids)
Dude it was huge! I had tingles and this is so hokey, but it felt amazing to be in this gigantic stadium with 100 THOUSAND other people cheering for the same thing. To be a part of something so much greater than tiny little me? ah! i still get tingles thinking about it.
So, every year when I walk into the stadium for the first time- I still get that quite moment of awe. I WENT here! I am a part of this and for a few moments, every person here is my buddy. We all have this great thing in common. Even if I don't like you and you just cut in front of me and the kiddies to get in the stadium because your drunk butt can't stand straight and wait for 2 minutes- I'm ok with that.. because you are here with me cheering for the best team in the world.

Yes, it's great to be a Michigan Wolverine

....and allow me a few moments to recover from my insane amount of cheese....
and watch this video:

**this out of nowhere, tear-jerker, tugging at the heart strings post comes courtesy of KB who forwarded me this link on this fine day in MARCH when football season is about the LAST thing on my mind but obviously not his....

More red velvet

I found a different recipe for red velvet cake on Pioneer Woman's website that I've been meaning to get around to. And since I've been putting the baking off for days now, I thought tonight would be the night (for real this time).

I thought there would be a ton more cocoa, but just one tablespoon...

But what we lacked in cocoa we made up for in red dye. TWO ounces. I only had one bottle at one ounce so queue music as we wait for another bottle to arrive...

OK, added the wet to the dry and manage to make huge red mess. It was akin to a murder scene. My hands had 'blood' spatters all over them. I'm such a klutz!

30 minutes later, 350 degree oven....

I 'broke' two as I was taking them out of the tins... yeah, that's what I did! I broke it.. :) Well, they tasted pretty good, but I want more cocoa. Good to know for next go-round, but I LOVE how red they are...

I think this would be a good cake for a skull topper. Something you could slice into and see blood. Yeah? I like it... And now to work on the baby shower cake.. Which got split into TWO baby showers and now I have multiple cakes to make. More practice I guess...