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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Ice Cubes"

Here are the "ice cubes" and the cake close up:

I like how they ice cubes turned out- probably my favorite part of the cake. You can see the spots I got on the white fondant in these pictures. :( But, live and learn... I need to practice covering a square cake in fondant.

So, as I had anticipated, I'm not too proud of this cake. It was boring looking, I should have made more ice cubes to jazz it up and it just didn't look 'clean' or professional. It truly looked like a cake a novice made. sigh...
But I heard it tasted good!

It's Miller time!

As soon as I got home from work I had to put the cake together. Dinner party was at 6:30 and the cake was being picked up at 5:30... For some STUPID reason I forgot to ask Nanny J to take the cake out of the freezer at 4:30. So when I pulled it out, the fondant was hard as a rock. Had to force the beer bottles in... But, in they went!

Then I added the "ice cubes"!

I should have made more... or at least played with the placement before I 'glued' them down w/ water.

The ones that look 'precarious' are actually toothpick-ed in to the fondant so they wouldn't fall off in transit

These pictures don't do the 'ice cubes' justice, so I'll take some close ups... hold on...