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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Igloo Beer Cooler cake take THREE

Ran a couple of miles, watched a little Homeward Bound with kiddies, searched for "Sally" the car from Cars (#1 knew exactly where she was... it's almost creepy how he can pretty much GPS locate any one of his cars at any given moment. Not like he has 5 of them. He has WELL over 200 cars and he can identify and locate any of them. Total Rainman moment we had tonight), bed time tuck-ins and then more cake work.

I added some blue fondant to the white fondant, nuked it for about 15 seconds in the microwave and then made little ice cubes. Not gonna lie, stole that idea from another beer cooler cake. I set some on tooth picks to harden up and stuck them on foam to dry over night:

And here you can see I added the 'handles' to the cooler and the brand name

That's it for tonight, I"ll assemble tomorrow for delivery. Thus far, I'm not entirely impressed with this cake. I just don't like it too much- and I don't feel like it really advanced my skills much- especially because I couldn't lay the red fondant well. I'm not too proud of it... Maybe it will look better when I put it all together.

Igloo Cooler cake continues

More work on the Cooler Cake after dinner tonight. I thought I could get it wrapped in fondant between dinner and the gym in no time flat. Turns out, not so much. I guess I've never fondant covered a square cake and I didn't think it would be hard. It's a cube for goodness sake. Yeah, it was harder than I thought. The corners just sucked, the fondant kept cracking... You know what it looks like? Like elephant wrinkles. You know how they get those wrinkles around their ankles? That's what it looks like. :)
SO, I had to Crisco it up and spent a ridiculous amount of time working out the wrinkles and cracks. and made a giant mess... check it out....

Then I had to decide where the beer bottles would sit and if I should use 2, 3 or 4. I thought 3 looked best

Cut out 3 holes for the beer bottles to sit in (I used a round cookie cutter and it worked perfectly)

And covered the top and the holes with white fondant

can you see how SHINY the red looks? It's because of all the rubbing down I did to get the wrinkles out! Are coolers that shiny? yeah, didn't think so... Anyhow, I'm off to the gym, more later...