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Saturday, March 27, 2010

mmm... crumbly lemon goodness

Last night, I whipped up a monster breakfast for dinner feast for the kiddies and my bestie and we watched New Moon (side note, Taylor Lautner = HOT... hot DAMN is he good looking. I became a fan in an instant). It included 'fluffy' french toast, home fries, crispy bacon and scrambled eggs. I haven't eaten that much since... last weekend... :) I forgot to take pictures because I'm a nightmare at getting everything to the table at the same time- I'm a frenzied mess when I cook. It's total chaos and not in the least bit controlled. Miracle the food got to the table so picture taking was not even an option. But, trust me, it was yummy. Just ask the bestie!

I followed that up this a.m. with some cinnamon rolls w/ cream cheese frosting. De-light-ful (I've already bored everyone with those pictures, so I didn't take any more). And then took #1 to see his FIRST movie in the theater (How to train your Dragon= MUST SEE! super cute) where we proceeded to have a picnic in the theater at 10:30 a.m. The menu consisted of buttered popcorn, m&m's and raisenets. oh, and some soda. am I a terrible mother? At least he had a banana with breakfast.

SO, how does one top all of this il advised diet crashing food?? Make something psuedo good for you of course! Here is the back story-

While driving home from work this week, my carpool buddy ("son of a preacher man" or SOAP-m) helped me come up with some ideas for what to do with those pesky egg yolks aka the 'yellows'- that I have left over when I make the Swiss buttercream.
The tastiest option was lemon bars. sigh... Lemon Bars remind me of my mom, of Spring, of fresh goodness that you imagine is somewhat good for you, but really it's just an excuse to eat more than you know you 'should'.

I present you with Creamy Crumbly Meyer Lemon Bars....

This is the crumbly goodness that makes up the top and bottom of the bar

This is the goodness tamped down in the pyrex dish... You are supposed to use an 8x11 dish, but I only have 9x13, so these aren't as TALL as they should be. darn.. just stack two on top of each other, ok?

Then you whip up the lemon-y filling. It includes a few tastey items, one of which is the juice and zest of Meyer lemons (can you see the flecks of zest? so pretty)

Dump this filling on top of the first crumbly layer. Spread it out evenly...

Then you add the remainder of the crumbly goodness, but don't tamp it down. Just sprinkle it evenly over the top... and then look at the pretty layers from the side!

Throw it in the oven for about a half hour until the top turns a golden tan...

and then cut it up and without removing it from the pan, put it in the fridge for at least an hour! it needs to set up, and these truly taste better cold. trust me.

And then set them out on a pretty platter. But they won't last long, trust me. People don't feel guilty eating these so they eat them willy-nilly. Yes, I said willy-nilly. But it's the truth!

Enjoy! so, tomorrow I'm coming up with something ridic. Seriously, ridic. Wait for it...