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Monday, March 8, 2010


Kym really likes her cake! :) She wasn't too excited about her birthday today but she curled her hair, so she has to be somewhat excited!! lol, I love how almost every single person gets a little gussied up on their birthday.

Worked at the bakery on Saturday and did a bunch of random things:
1) cut fruit for fruit tarts
2) arranged fruit on tarts
3) dipped strawberries in chocolate (oh the memories)
4) arranged fruit on cheesecakes
5) scooped out cookie dough (mind numbing by all accounts)
6) made the cookie crust for mini cheesecakes....
Now, THIS made me laugh. Look at my little tool to tamp down the crumbs!

In a word- Phallic. I dubbed it the "muno". :D

After work I rushed home to make some rice krispy treats for Moochie's play date. I had originally planned on some cupcakes- but whatever long story short we had electric glow in the dark green star r.k.t.'s and chocolate peanut butter squares. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of either of them, but trust me- they were glow in the dark. SO so bright they hurt your eyes. But tasted pretty darn good because they were dunzo by day end.

The play date was awesome. Four kiddies, 5 friends, some Manischewitz (!!), cheese puffs and Yo Gabba Gabba. It was shenanigans on a Saturday afternoon.