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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Red Velvet

I've been skeptical about Red Velvet. It is so trendy to 'like' Red Velvet. Seriously, what's the big deal? Maybe it's because I haven't had any that knocked my socks off. And as I've mentioned before I ate a ton of it from various bakeries in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. None of which blew me away.

There are a few birthdays coming up that I'm going to be baking for and I've offered Red Velvet as a flavor choice. This afternoon was my first attempt and what a MESS! A "hot mess" if you will...

Lessons learned:

1) Maybe wear gloves while making red velvet? The red gets everywhere and it dyes your hands.
2) Mini cupcakes are a mess to scoop. I need to find the right sized scoop for these smaller cups.

3) Everyone likes a mini cupcake. They are 'cute' and you don't feel as guilty eating them.
4) I like the idea of a mini cupcake. It's like a dessert amouse-bouche (a single bite sized appetizer type thing. oh yeah, whipping out my french culinary terms).

I also tried out a new cream cheese frosting recipe. I knew I was wanting a thicker one, since I found this a.m. that the previous attempt was more of a glaze not a frosting. I wish I took a picture of this whipping up because it was perfect. Serious cream cheese frosting perfection. It piped out so well on the mini cupcakes and spread perfectly on the big ones too.

Huge smile on my face as I decorated these. I was calling and texting anyone in the vicinity- "come quick, just frosted some red velvets and they look good!"
#1 ate one and per usual, he bit the top off and gave me the muffin 'stump'. oh dear...

And after all were picked up/delivered I got this glorious text message:
"OMG sandy- sooooo good!!! I luv having a baker bff!!! :)"

I'm going to bed happy....

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