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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The "Little Cheetah"

I just got some wonderful, WONDERFUl news. My college roommate just told me today that she is expecting some goodness in her life; a "little cheetah" will join her life in early September.

Check out this super active 13 week old baby:

My ovaries jumped when I saw the video. In typical Sandy B. girlie fashion, I cried. It is such a beautiful thing to witness a baby move around on an ultrasound and even more so when it's your great friends baby.
It made me reflect upon the years I have known her, and our crazy times in college and all the laughs we shared. I will never forget the first time I met her, this tall leggy GORGEOUS blonde walking into my dorm room to confidently introduce herself while I thought to myself "shoot me now, I have the prettiest girl in the world as a roommate, she is gonna be a b*tch". Um, yeah... NO! I couldn't have been more wrong. She is Far FAR from it. She was and is quite possibly the sweetest, most kind hearted, FUNNY and yes, beautiful girl I have ever met in the world.

To say it simply, she is now One Hot Mama!
Congrats my friend! and welcome to the club :)

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