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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a better zebra...

My beautiful Libby asked me to make a cake for her sister-in-laws 18th birthday. She was so on it- gave me the color scheme and even gave me some sample ideas. It helped A LOT. I put a few different ideas together and drew this cake for her:

She approved and off I went....

I didn't do the fondant ribbon on the bottom as I had hoped I would (per my initial sketch) because it just didn't look good. I went w/ my old stand-by of the dotted border. I also just used the buttercream as the outside frosting on both layers. Initially I was thinking of covering the 2nd tier w/ fondant, but I was able to get the buttercream really smooth and didn't need to use fondant.

another fun cake, a BETTER way to do zebra stripes than when I did the cake for my friend O.G.'s 30th bday cake. I liked the color scheme and was pleased with the outcome.

I have a few cakes coming up in the next few weeks...actually, SIX cake orders in the next 3 weeks! wow... I'm going to be a busy girl...so I better get some rest. Good Night!


  1. What a fun looking cake! I can't wait to see more of what you are working on.

  2. Thank you! I keep trying to better myself with each cake and each recipe. I hope you enjoy reading the blog and following on my adventure!