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Friday, June 4, 2010

Long Ago, in a Galaxy far FAR away...

Two weeks ago I was asked to make a Star Wars cake by a co-worker. I was freaked OUT. People are usually very passionate about these movies- the characters, the light sabers, the Luke I am your father.... and every cake decorating show has at least one episode devoted to a Star Wars cake. Super intense, full of drama and an incredible amount of detail. It seems you aren't a cake decorator until you have made a Star Wars cake.

With a ton of anxiety I said OK and started to sketch out some ideas. I came up with this:

Thankfully I got approval and awaited a prototype of R2D2. I searched and searched online to find what the back of his head looked like and couldn't find anything.

Here is how my little cake turned out:

Since I'm still at work for the next 2 weeks I can only do the baking and decorating at night. I've started to plan out my week in advance and assign myself tasks each night so that I'm not going crazy the night before something is due.

I knew that tonight would be insane... well, last night (its 2 in the morning), but I thought I had prepared well enough to complete two cakes tonight and go to bed by midnight. Clearly that didn't happen. It was kind of due to this:

I had an order for a Carrot Cake for one of my FB fans. She and I had never met and she asked if I could make something for her anniversary with her husband (aw!) Super rad that strangers are finding me and I'm baking for them. Of course I said yes. I grated the carrots the night before, chopped the pecans the night before... Thought I could just throw it all together, bake it and frost it while I was waiting for the Star Wars cake to set up. Well... When I remove the cake from the pan it wouldn't budge. SERIOUSLY!? WTF?! I have been using Bakers Secret lately (thanks to PW who uses on her cakes) and it has worked like a charm. I didn't even stop to think I would have issue w/ this one. I've made this carrot cake so many times by now.

I had to make another one. And that added to the kitchen mayhem. Well, that and the chatting I was doing w/ a friend on my phone... sigh... :)

Either way, I have this fail of a cake on my hands. But I did have some extra frosting so

I just ate it....


  1. yum, its still cake even though its not pretty.

  2. I would've done the same! Star Wars cake looks AWESOME!

  3. Thanks guys!! I definitely ate a ton of it, but I found a way to make it pretty(sliced it up) and frosted the heck out of those slices and gave them to my neighbors :) yeah, I'm tricky like that.