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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Mountain, Sandy. Sandy, Mountain....
I had NO idea how labor intensive this was going to get. Let's just say I put the cart in front of the hourse on this one. Lessons learned:
1) bake ALL cakes well in advance of actually using them to decorate
2) make your OWN buttercream and make MORE than you anticipate using
3) red is nearly unattainable without actual red food dye.
4) food coloring/dye is a mess
5) gumpaste and fondant should NOT be used interchangeably
6) a cake turntable is essential in cake decorating.
7) mise en place is HUGE. ... HUGE.
and number 8...
8) I need a TON of practice. a TON.
thankfully, I signed up for some practice in a few weeks at an old college haunt.
in the mean time, my hands are all shades of green, blue and red. My back is seriously aching, my kitchen is a MESS and I'm sure I have powdered sugar all over my face and hair. I'm refusing to look in the mirror.
But I know I would see this- a GIANT smile on my face. Today was awesome....

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