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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hybrid Muffins

I was watching Food Network a couple of weeks ago and one of my new favorite shows was on- "The Best Thing I Ever Ate". I love that they have different topics and they are items all over the country- both 'high end' and cheap snacks. Also, it's awesome to see someone describe food in a loving way like that.

Imagine your favorite thing to eat, whatever it is, and how you feel while eating it... remembering the taste and smell of it... and describe it to someone. TRY to do it without a huge smile on your face. I love that...

SO, one of the items on the show was a donut muffin. They truly looked delicious and fairly easy to make. I've been wanting to try it out since then and I did tonight!

These are my hybrid Donut Muffins. I imagine these would be amazing on a crisp fall day at the cider mill... steaming hot out of the oven, rolled in the cinnamon sugar with a little crust forming as it cooled off.

I'm not entirely happy with the recipe- they came out a little too dense so I'll have to tweak it a bit next time. There is an INSANE amount of butter in them, and once they come out of the oven you brush melted butter ALL over them, and then roll them in cinnamon and sugar. so so so good. It's worth burning your fingers.

I was baking these AND re-baking #1's birthday sheet cake (I BURNED the one I made last night... long story)... all while watching Modern Family and then the Olympics. Is Shaun White not the GREATEST snowboarder EVER? he amazes me, and his smile... yah, bottle that up. I love a good smile. SO, congrats to him nailing his double McTwist 1260 AND his SECOND gold medal . so very deserving.. and love how he rocks jeans on the half pipe- my kind of guy.

ANYHOW, point is, next time I make these I'm going to have to put a dollop of something on the inside to make them a little more special. I'm thinking some raspberry jam OR Nutella. mmmmmmmmmm Nutella......

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