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Friday, February 19, 2010

Fondant Bow, step one

I have two cakes to work on this weekend... a birthday girl cake and #1's cake... Moochie and #1 have had the WORST colds all winter. Seems like I'm constantly wiping runny noses and demanding they 'blow' into Kleenex. Can warm weather come QUICKER?

It's been difficult to do the usual evening baking/decorating as they both have been wanting extra cuddling before bed time so I was getting nervous yesterday when I hadn't even begun work on either cake.

After doing some research on 'bows' for cakes, I found some good tips and tricks and it seemed fairly simple. I decided on pink, mostly because I had some left over from the Wubbzy cake, and after I came home from the gym (I have my first weigh in on Monday w/ Buddy Love)I rolled it out and began cutting my bows.

Seriously, this was super easy. I'm waiting for them to harden up enough to put the bow together (about 2 days), but I don't imagine it getting much tougher. It was laughable how easy this was and to think cake decorators charge a pretty penny for a bow topper... Now I know...

As of this morning they were not hard enough yet, so we will see when I get home from work and I'll probably put it together tomorrow night and start working on #1's Lightning McQueen cake. Yeah, I bit the bullet and decided 'why not?' Again, took to the internet and did a ton of research as to HOW I can do this. And to save me some grief I bought red fondant pre-made (UGH, SO expensive), but saves me time and irritation.

**SIDE NOTE- my fridge arrived yesterday. scary moment when it almost didn't fit because of a possible mis-measurment. But, it fits. Bummer was that the stainless isn't magnetized. :( It looked so sad and bare without magnets.... so it had to be outfitted w/ it's first sticker. A HUGE pink Spitfire head. Check it out on my twitter- @sweetsandyb

I so appreciate the fridge now... and it came just in time- it warmed up to 40 yesterday and the food wasn't going to survive in the garage any longer. That's another one of those things that has happened to me that I said "seriously? I can't believe I live here... it's so cold I can put my milk in the garage and it is colder than the fridge...."

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