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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday a.m. Work....

Saturday a.m.'s are bittersweet. I'm excited to get to the bakery, but when my alarm goes off at 5 a.m., it's always just a touch too early...

Today I worked on Mini Fruit Tartlet's (I got to cut the fruit, arrange and glaze) and Almond Toffee Tuiles.

These are a bit tricky, so finicky! You scoop them out and let them dry into flat circles.

Then heat them up again so they are pliable and you can shape them around metal cones.... while trying not to burn your fingers or cracking the toffee.

Then after they harden around the cone, extracting the cone and dipping the toffee in chocolate. Again, while NOT cracking the toffee. I obviously had issues w/ the 'not cracking the toffee', which is why I mentioned twice. It is SO hot when they come out of the oven your instinct is to let them cool off, but if they cool TOO much they aren't as pliable and will crack.. conversely if they are TOO hot, the sugar breaks down and won't hold together to form around the cone.

Then you fill w/ cream. I didn't get to fill them today, but got to taste the chocolate covered tuiles.. and that's because I broke a few while making them. Oops! Oh, but so so Yummmmmmmy... Now for a nap and work on #1's Oma's bday cake and #1's cake. Wish me luck!

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