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Sunday, March 14, 2010

B is for Baby

Here is baby shower cake #2. I guess I had cookie monster on the brain and all I could think of was "C is for cookie"... :)

Abbie is having a girl, so I went girlie with this one. I knew I was going to use a white background so I just used a buttercream frosting instead of covering in fondant. I still need to practice getting the frosting smooth... I know I will get better over time. But all I see are the imperfections!

Here it is:

I had left over fondant so I just added those little balls on top. Not sure how I feel about them... I tried putting them on the bottom first and they were too big and looked stupid against the clothes. So i just used the star tip and piped little stars along the border.

AND, I finally got an extruder and thats how I made the clothes line. The extruder is handy dandy for sure, but I need to figure out how to make the fondant come out smooth... sigh..

I also worked on the 10 year old bday cake for Thursday. I made some stars last night. More pictures on that later...
Off to get my tattoo!! :)

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