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Thursday, March 11, 2010

...and Happy Baby!

The baby shower mama is having twins- a boy and a girl. So I didn't really have any color constrictions and really the only direction I had was that her favorite cake is Cherry Chip. I already had my lamb ready so I thought the color scheme would be pastels- blue, pink, yellow and green.

I rolled out mint green fondant and covered the 3 layer 6 inch cherry chip cake w/ an amaretto ganache (just the flavoring not the actual alcohol! safe for the mamas).
Then added my little lamb

Then rolled out the individual colors and stamped out the circles and randomly placed them on the cake

And I couldn't resist adding little feet to the cake too! :)

Then I piped the words on top and added a dot border along the bottom

And that's all! I love this cake! now I have to think of another animal or theme for the shower on Monday. I'm be-eeeat... more tomorrow!

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