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Monday, March 22, 2010


O.G.'s cake:
2 tier stacked cake
1st tier was 8 inch round w/ 3 layers: 2 chocolate and one banana with strawberry ganache
2nd tier was 6 inch round w/ 3 layers: 2 yellow butter cake and one orange creamsicle with chocolate peanut butter ganache.

The outside was all pink swiss buttercream ganache but the top tier was covered in chocolate fondant colored black (which layed on top of the pink buttercream).

The decorations were ALL fondant except for the pink ribbon that bordered the top tier.

The flavor combo's might sound weird, but it tasted really good. I'm all about creating new flavor profiles and this worked! The cake was wonderfully moist as well.

AND, other side note.... I commented last week on The Sassy Curmudgeon's blog post about the Census. Last night we filled out the census in our house. Long story short, I was NOT #1 to someone else. Not surprising, but man ALIVE did that just say everything about the current situation. It was NOT a real nice surprise, clark...

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