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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy feet

My first baby shower goodness... The little lamb I made is still drying but almost ready to be assembled, the cherry chip cake is currently cooling in the freezer so I worked on these cupcakes. I really like making a special individual cake for the person being celebrated and then having cupcakes for everyone else. Plus I had some cupcakes already made that needed to be used. It's just a win-win.

I still wantd to make the cuppies cute and I thought a little token something on top would be ideal.. a flower? But no, I wanted to do something baby related....What do you love about babies? For me, it's their chubbiness.. their fat little hands and rolls on their arms! You could just eat them with a spoon! yes I said it out loud.... But a fat roll on a cupcake wouldn't be that cute. So I thought FEET!
Here is what I did...

Don't know that chocolate frosting was the best backdrop or if the large flower tip was the best idea. BUT, whatever its chocolate and cute together and they will eat it and love it. I hope... Anyhow, now on to the cake

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  1. Cute chubby little hands/arms coming out the other side (or a head) would be an amusing addition. :-]