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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kym's Cake

It's my assistant's birthday on Monday... I knew I wanted to make her something special and all week I've been trying to ask her in a "subtle way" what she would like. I should have just out right asked her, but I wanted to surprise her. If I recall she doesn't like bananas... and yeah, I put a chocolate banana layer in there.. Oops! But she did say she likes yellow cake w/ chocolate frosting and the blue and brown color combo.... Not sure how that came up in conversation but I worked it into the cake theme. So, I made some dark chocolate ganache and got to work on the cake:

mmmmm look at that ganache! it tastes way way good... if I could whip in some peanut butter I might just sit with a bowl of it and finish watching the Oscars... I digress

4 layers because I won't be using a topper

And, I'm FINALLY getting better at frosting the cake smooth. I think it's just a confidence issue. Plus, I made the best batch of Swiss Buttercream to date tonight!

Covered in baby blue fondant

And then added the chocolate brown fondant stripes. I was pretty much just making this up as I went. Thought I'd try something new. I bought the chocolate fondant pre-made at the cake store. I didn't want to color fondant brown and I wanted to see what it tasted like.

Coming up next- the FINAL cake. lol

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