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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ever been dumped?

In light of my recent 'dumping' experience, I thought it would be fitting to come up with a treat that reflected all the wonderful and awful things about going through a break up. :)

I was playing around on Pioneer Woman's website- salivating and laughing per usual and came upon this recipe.

You know me, the easier and more bad for you, the more likely I am to try it out.
I present you with the "DUMP CAKE":

Here is what you need- one can of cherry pie filling, one can of crushed pineapples, one box cake mix (white or yellow, you choose) and 1.5 sticks of butter (a little over 1/2 a pound, muah hahahahahah)

First, get a Pyrex dish (standard 9x13 or two small square ones) and get a can opener.
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
And now the easy stuff... seriously- this is so easy you MUST make it tonight.

Open the can of cherry pie filling:

Marvel at the beautiful-ness of this cherry color. Not a color found in the cherry's natural state. I said this was bad and wonderful like a breakup, right? Just think about the wonderful color now... And dump the cherries into the dish

Next open the pineapples and dump into the dish

Mix the two together and spread out on the bottom of the dish:

Then, open the cake mix, dump it out and spread evenly on top of the fruit mixture:

Here is what it looks like from the side... pretty

Slice up the butter into little pats and dump/spread evenly on top of the cake mix

Pop it in the oven for about 45 minutes - hour, and watch it bubble so nicely... Then when the top gets a nice golden brown and the fruit is bubbling up, pull it out
and inhale the wonderfulness that you just made out of those seemingly awful cans of fruit

Scoop some out onto a dish and enjoy!!! It is like a cross between a cobbler and a cake and oh so good.

TIPS: you can make this EVEN BETTER by scooping up some vanilla ice cream on top, making some fresh whipped cream...actually if you want to go MORE awful, use some Redi-Whip! It adds to the easiness of the recipe. OK, you know what, just use Redi Whip or Cool Whip. Don't make fresh whipped cream.
Let's just go all out with the processed food idea on this one. In fact, USE MARGERINE instead of butter. awesome....

see, breaking up doesn't have to be hard to do.

The Dump Cake... Make it TONIGHT and people will love you. And you can pretend like it took alllll day.

Blogger Note: I made this cake last night and popped it into the oven while I went to the gym for a run. I tasted it when I got home and consumed the calories I burned off. So is life... Plan was to bring it into work for the co-workers as they haven't had treats this week (aside from chocolate chip cookies). But I had to see Dr. Ryan in the a.m. and figured the cake wouldn't be that great when it was cold. So I told Mr. Papers to take it into work for his peeps after I reheated it this a.m. in the oven.. I'm smart and caring...and nice, and all that good stuff...

Karma is so sweet. Mr. Papers scooped himself a piece of the cake and took a bite and much to his dismay, he bit into a cherry with A PIT still inside. He broke his tooth.



  1. sandy, my grandma makes dump cake all the time....and raves about how easy it is! i haven't yet tried hers, but i am sure that it's pretty killer....as is yours. :) too bad about the pit!

  2. bwhahaha. evil laugh about the pit. isn't karma a bitch!

  3. omg...yes! you can totally link to my blog. maybe then someone besides you will be reading it!

    btw, canned food CAN be good and i am going to eat some tonite :)

  4. Megs, I'm gonna link you up girl, hold tight :)