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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Landon!!!

For a little over a year, I was the only girl in my coterie of friends in the Midwest that had a baby. No friends to have play dates with, and definitely no baby birthday parties. But the past 2 years, it was baby palooza up in this mug...
This weekend, we had Landon's first birthday party. My great friend asked me to make the cake, and let me know the theme was to be sports related as he really really loves playing with all things round.
She decided on cupcakes and a smash cake so I got to work as the kids got to giddly think on this elusive thing called 'party' we were going to attend after naps.

Let me tell you something- my kids are shy. Like, run from the camera, hold onto my legs for dear life, can't be pried from my arms, wail when I leave their sight. I mean, they blush if you look at them.


Yeah, right.
My kids are the EXACT opposite of that. #1 hasn't met a stranger he DOESN'T like. He frequently tells new friends that he loves them within 5 minutes of being introduced. Moochie had a few months where she was a strict mama's girl, but man ALIVE did she come out of her shell lately and on Saturday, the girl came wearing her party pants and got down to business. She flirted and laughed, walked on tip toe and sashayed about in her party dress, cooing her favorite word to anyone who would listen. "shooooes" she would proudly proclaim, lifting her foot for them to bestow the inevitable "awwww, cute", to which she would reply "ank oooo". How could you not love this child. She's my favorite girl.

ok- the real deal reason for this post is this cake, here it is:

Since I was doing cuppies and not a stacked cake, I wanted to do something creative. I have quite a few inspiration books on cupcakes and I hoped there would be something sports related or something to get my creative juices flowing. In the book "Hello, Cupcake" there was a picture of a stacked cake of cupcakes. It didn't use a cupcake tower (thank GOD because I don't have one, yet) and it was colorful (another request from my friend) and I thought I could use my cupcake toppers too.

First, frosted the cuppies in either vanilla buttercream or chocolate buttercream, rolled the edges in sprinkles and then got to stacking.

I popped the cupcake toppers in all the outside cuppies and added a single swizzle candle on top.

And that's his smash cake. It was 3 layers of banana cake with chocolate buttercream. I was about to go all out on this cake, but I was like- no one is going to even be LOOKING at this cake they will be too focused on this cute baby eating it with his hands. So I went with simple and it was my FIRST time frosting a cake without using the Swiss Buttercream! I think it went well.
Don't know if Landon liked how it tasted, but he seemed to enjoy it. ;)

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