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Monday, May 3, 2010

Crazy Town (my life, not the band)

Can't think of where to begin as I have a lot to say/show after this weekend. Here's me jumping in- try to follow:

I want to first show you a tiny bit of what my kitchen looks like after I decorate a cake. This gives me anxiety just looking at it-

and that's not even showing what the other countertops look like or what the sink is filled with. heart palpitations..

So- I delivered the cookies, bread and U of M graduation cake on Friday. Forgot that my cake was also commemorating the fact that our President was going to be delivering the commencement speech at my Alma Mater. Kind of proud.
Well, I had an awesome day on Friday. Overall a great start to my weekend. Met up with some friends, caught up on some girl time- happy girl I was. I went to sleep that night and had a nightmare about that dumb cake though. This is what my life is about now- waking up in a cold sweat about someone hating my cakes.

Saturday- busy BUSY and loo-oooong.
Had another session with Libby set up and had to bake/decorate some things for her to use. This is where my Mom juggling skills come into play- took the kiddies to breakfast, played, baked, decorated, nap, get ready and be on time for Libby. Um, I wasn't on time. Poor thing had to wait while I finished getting dressed.
This is what I wore for our photo shoot-

Her idea was something along the lines of whimsical/bright colors/flowers.. This is the girliest dress I own so it seemed to fit the bill. Can't wait to see how the pictures come out... we drove ALL OVER town and ended up at a cemetery. To take some pictures with these:

Which were the cupcakes that I made for my friends birthday. He had a show that night and I was going to go deliver them, after the photo shoot... Down in the D. And also somehow go to a meet and greet for someone called Johnny Cupcakes :)

If I could clone myself I think I would. OK- Libby is quick and efficient (I however am not) and she made quick work out of me and the goodies. I changed into my David Seibei shirt that arrived just in the nick of time and high tailed it out of Dodge to get to the next part of my day.

SO... I could go on about Johnny. I would if any of you care to know- but it involves about 4-5 hours of standing in line, driving to the Magic Stick TWICE, handing out cookies, making small talk, running into old friends... yeah, nevermind. Too much to say. It was exhausting but great. Here I am w/ Johnny:

yes, he is holding up a container of my cookies. Which he claimed he loved. I believe him ;)

And here is what Just Baked made for his appearance:

By the time I got inside the gallery to get to the cupcakes I was starving. My stomach was eating itself. I inhaled the cupcake and can't even begin to comment on what it tasted like. It wasn't awful, and that's about all I can give you. I did get a menu from their store and sweet Jesus are they pricey. $2.95 PER cupcake. They have four locations so clearly most people don't think that's too much. For.One.CUPCAKE. Maybe they are flecked with gold?

Alright, so I get my shirts, I ate the cupcake, I got my poster signed and I limp out of there. Wearing 4 inch wedges for 5 hours of standing in the same spot (for the most part) did a number on my soles and my wonky knees. I hobbled to my car and got myself into some more shenanigans....

I'm exhausted just reflecting on the weekend. But, yesterday I got this lovely picture on my phone:

I wish more people sent me pictures of them w/ their cakes. Even though it's not a picture of my friend eating the cupcakes, I like that the candles are all lit up and I know that people who love him are all standing with him at that moment. And my cupcakes were a part of it. I LOVE that....

I need a day off from the weekend. But you know I'm at work. Working.

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