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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oooh baby baby it's a wild world....

Love that song! the guy that gave me my first kiss used to sing that song to me (HOW CHEESEY!!!) but, it is a wild world.. it's a jungle out there! and I just up'd the cheese factor myself. anyhow- I love love baby animals… Something so sweet about their big eyes.. and PUPPY PAWS! aren't big puppy paws the cutest? makes me want to get a puppy. for a second...

OK, the point of this post- I've been wanting to do a baby animal cake for a while and I finally was able to for a baby shower.
A while back I donated a decorated celebration cake to a Relay for Life auction and along w/ the certificate for a cake I set out a tray of cookies and some pictures of cakes I had already done.

I seriously got a TON of business as a result and this order was from one of those new customers. Again, the power of word of mouth amazes me.

After emailing w/ the client, I sketched out this cake:

#1 had some animals similar to these in his room at one point so I had some inspiration already.
She liked the idea and I got started with the animals on Friday night while chatting w/ my bestie and dying over the gift she brought me (she hunted down a DVD copy of the movie "Rad" oh.my.GAWD. seriously!!! I love her)

And here is the cake:

The top tier is banana cake and the bottom is white cake. The whole thing was frosted with Swiss Buttercream and filled w/ same.
The animals are all made out of fondant.. OH, speaking of which- I bought a new kind of fondant last week. It's a new brand made by Duff (of Charm City Cakes/ Ace of Cakes). It has a 'buttercream' flavor (where the Satin Ice has a "vanilla" flavor). I'm still on the fence about it. It's not as pliable as the Satin Ice, but it smells delicious. The colors are gorgeous though!! Price point is about the same (both are expensive) so I will see how I feel as I work with it more- will keep you updated (because I know you care)

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  1. Nice work, yet again. P.S. I love that song too!