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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You lucky bastards...

I'm only 29 (yes, ONLY) and during the last 5 years at my office job, I would spend some time- well, lets just be honest and say a SUBSTANTIAL amount of time- fantasizing about winning the lottery. The money was spent before I even won. Or bought a ticket.
Since that wasn't likely to happen, I'd switch gears and dream about retiring at the ripe old age of 40. I thought my 401k would be pretty well padded by that point and I'd be so ready to retire. :)
I'm a dreamer, what can I say.

Needless to say, retirement parties and moreso retirement CAKES hold a special place in my heart. You lucky bastards. I say it with love...
I was asked to make one for 4 retiring teachers and after A LOT of discussion and back and forth we finally came to an agreement on what the cake would look like.

And heeeere it is:

It was 4 layers of devils food chocolate cake with milk chocolate chip frosting inside, Swiss Buttercream outside. The flowers and bugs are fondant, the initials are beads

Now, I realize this has nothing to do w/ teaching. But, I didn't want to do the generic apples and chalk boards. Plus, it was to celebrate THEM. So I asked about what they liked- what their favorite colors were, etc.. And each of them had a favorite flower so I ran with that.

I have THREE crazy cakes coming up in the next week but I think I'll make time for a new recipe to share. Let me do some trolling and I'll get back to you.


  1. Love the cake.
    Also, love reading your blog.
    It is one of my dreams to be able to design cakes and seeing your cakes is making that dream more of a need!!

  2. Great work, yet again! I often fantasize about winning the lottery too. Dreamers unite!

  3. I would say still on a daily basis I fantasize about winning the lotto. And what I would do first... I would try to be altruistic and say "pay off my parents house, and all of my sibling's houses, set up the college funds for the kiddo's..." but lets be honest here. First, I'd probably buy myself a new purse. Maybe Marc Jacobs. Heck, I'd swing big- like an Hermes Kelly bag or something. :)
    I'm glad you guys are enjoying the blog- and seriously, GET DECORATING! it feeds my soul.. Ella DO IT. have fun!